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Smart Add from the Google Chrome address bar

ams24 says:
Using the Google Chrome address bar (aka omnibar), you cand send parameters to a predefined url if you define a custom search engine.

Now you can use the bookmarklet URL to add a task, but it is a two steps process, define your search engine as RTM and send to

This works fine.

But it would be more efficient to have another url (for example /smartadd.rtm) that would recieve the parameter, add your task and eventually close the tab or confirm the added task.

Is there any way of doing it?


Posted at 2:06pm on June 27, 2010
(closed account) says:
Great idea! I've advocated something like this elsewhere - adding a bookmarklet that simply leveraged the new smart add feature.
Posted 13 years ago
ams24 says:
Any ideas or help in how to do it? Am I being clear? Thanks!
Posted 13 years ago
adamperry says:
SmartAdd in Chrome would be fantastic, as would the ability to select text, right click and have a menu to "Send a Task to RTM". The Google Task extension has these handy functions but is otherwise less capable in almost every way.
Posted 12 years ago
j03w says:
why not have an extension so perhaps it could suggest ours tag and list etc..
Posted 12 years ago
ethan.roday says:
I agree. Not only would an extension be great, but the ability to add a task from the address bar would be absolutely fantastic.
Posted 12 years ago
ronnie.lazar says:
I also think this would be great!!
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
The best you can do is go to Edit Search Engines and create an entry with this url:

That will take you to quick add having filled in the search terms from the address bar.

I think this would be a killer feature for RTM. All that would need to be done is develop a page similar to the quick add page that can parse a string the same way the smart add bar does. You already have the logic, just need to put it on a page that utilizes it. Please!
Posted 12 years ago
john.mcnamara says:
I agree! The web experience on RTM could use an improvement like a quickadd in the address bar. When I'm surfing the web all I need to do is type ctrl-l on the keyboard which takes me straight to the omnibar where I should be able to type in an RTM task. Relying on a bunch of mouse clicks is much too cumbersome and slow.
Posted 11 years ago
john.mcnamara says:
Just checked out mpnieland's llink,

This works very well.
Posted 11 years ago
john.mcnamara says:
I just realized that does not work for smart add. That's too bad.
Posted 11 years ago
jamesr404 says:
I use a bookmark applet that I use to add RTMs in Chrome, works great and I love that the URL of the active page is added to the task, and text highlighted is the suggested task name :-)

I quote my own notes here:
RTM has a bookmarklet for fast adding tasks to your browser, however Rajjan has created an even neater bookmarklet.

This is an easy way to set it up on Chrome, the same is possible on other browsers but the steps will varry slightly:

Create a new bookmark of any page (irrelevant which page you pick).

Right click and Edit the bookmark.

Change the Name and URL as follows:

Add to RTM!

java_script: (function(){h='';p='/add';if(window.getSelection){t=window.getSelection();}else if(document.getSelection){t=document.getSelection();}else if(document.selection){t=document.selection.createRange().text;}; cp='http://'+h+p+'?name='+t+'&url='+escape(location.href);,'addwindow','status=no,toolbar=no,width=200,height=560,resizable=yes'); setTimeout(function(){w.focus();}, 500);})();

When you copy / paste this you'll need to paste it as one line.


Official bookmarklet:
Posted 11 years ago
fedmich says:
Bookmarklet is here

Anyone knows how to auto fill-up the tag in the popup window?
Posted 11 years ago
tone.tonydeaf says:

Another way to use smart add in omnibox's Google chrome is to use "Remember The Milk for Twitter".

You can find tips here:

And this page is necessary for setup your twiter account:

Cheers !
Posted 10 years ago
oneself says:
Add the page url into the task. Unfortunately, no way to set the url parameter but it least it's not lost

javascript:(function(){h='';p='/services/ext/addtask.rtm';if(window.getSelection){d=window.getSelection();}else if(document.getSelection){d=document.getSelection();}else if(document.selection){d=document.selection.createRange().text;};cp='http://'+h+p+'?d=%27+encodeURIComponent(d)+%27&t=%27+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+%27%20%27+window.location;,%27addwindow%27,%27status=no,toolbar=no,width=475,height=260,resizable=yes%27);setTimeout(function(){w.focus();}, 500);})();
Posted 6 months ago
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