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Option to reopen the 'key' (help box)

mtav says:
I just closed the help box next to the task list and now it seems it is completely impossible to get it back!


How hard can it be to add an option to enable/disable it if there is already an option to enable/disable the task cloud?

Why even put a close button on something you can never open again?!

Possible solutions:
1) Add an option to reopen the "key" (help box).
2) Make the help box permanent (no close button)
3) Add a warning message when closing it, saying that you can never open it again. But this is a bad solution and could only be considered temporary.
Posted at 8:46am on April 29, 2010
sonicwav says:
This has been a problem for years now. I just opened a new account and I'm in fear for my life that I will accidentally close the key again. I have seen a number of complaints about this in the forum, and you have a FAQ page dedicated to it. I can't understand why this hasn't been fixed yet.

Here is the most important reason, in my opinion: if you do not use this service regularly, the color scheme for priority ranking is not intuitive. Orange, blue, light blue? Pretty, yes, but not intuitive for ranking. This legend needs to be there for people like me who take months off and can't remember the Remember the Milk lingo.
Posted 11 years ago
mtav says:
I mostly used it as a quick shortcut to the keyboard shortcuts page.
It seems like something that should be easy to fix.
Posted 11 years ago
benwballard says:
This feature is critical!!!!!!!!!! Of course I closed it while playing. As a new RTM user I need the "learn keyboard shortcuts" feature all the time. Now it's gone forever????
Posted 8 years ago
snoopen says:
I actually can't believe this is true... seriously... fix it now. I'll buy you all a coffee if you do.
Posted 8 years ago
snoopen says:
Method to get the Key back in Chrome or Firefox:

1. Bring up the JavaScript console
       Chrome: Press Ctrl + Shift + J
       Firefox: Press Ctrl + Shift + K

2. Type in "legend.toggle();" without the inverted commas
       (make sure it's all lower case)

3. press Enter and enjoy!

So simple yet RTM can't figure it out?
Posted 8 years ago
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