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Ability to create groups of lists

kevin.malakoff says:
I've set up RTM using some advice on the blog and it works very well for me: . Unfortunately, now I have 30+ really useful lists and smart lists.

The one things that is a bit inefficient on the iPhone is being able to quickly scan through subsets of lists. For example, I'm at work and I only want to look through all my work-related smart lists with next actions (tag:na) by people (tag:{person's name}) for today to decide who to go see next and then to quickly prepare.

Besides the request for "Custom lists in bottom menu": (which would be great!), I would like to set up "groups of lists" to act as customized dashboards for my lists.

It could be really simple like "create a new list group" where I would be presented with all the lists which can be checked and unchecked (like the task tags selector), and then the list group appears on a top level dashboard that I can choose the current list group I'm interested at any time (eg. all my personal projects, all my work projects, or all my work smart lists with people contexts, etc) or can start editing my group lists.

To get a bit more more fancy, there could be customisable group list desktops/pages like in the Facebook App where I can layout my group lists on different desktops/pages.

Yeah? Anyone else interested?
Posted at 1:23am on April 3, 2010
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