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SMS reminders not sending

jesper.bylund says:
I'm in Sweden, using Tele2 as a provider and there doesn't seem to be a problem on my side. What could be wrong?

A problem with the reminder page is that HOW the reminders are set up is poorly described. For SMS should I use country codes or not? For IM does RTM need to be online to recieve?

Small pieces of info that can help customers feel secure that the reminder WILL arrive.
Posted at 3:47pm on December 16, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jesper.bylund,

Sorry for the delay -- could you please submit a reminder issue report via our support system if you haven't done so already?

The phone number format differs by carrier (we use the provider's email-to-SMS service to send the reminder, which usually has an address in the format

For IM, it depends on which service. :) Some do not need the RTM buddy to show as 'online' (and it may not show online to all users). I'll add this to our list to add to the FAQ -- I'm sorry it's lacking in info.

Hope this helps.
Posted 12 years ago
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