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Edit "list" of task

russ.goerend says:
I use a smart list called "All" to view all of my tasks. I don't know, it's just how my brain works. I liken my To Do list to my Gmail inbox. I want all the "things" I want to work with available to me in one big list, then I can see from tags what belongs with what. I'm a teacher, so I have these lists: Inbox/Personal/School/Sent/All* (*all is a smart list). I like to keep my personal stuff out of my school list so that I can "leave school at school", but I also like to have a way to see everything together.

I have found that when I create a new task, I have to type just what the task is then hit return, then hit D to fill in the due date, then hit s to fill in the tag. Now, since I'm creating tasks from this smart list, it assigns my new tasks to my inbox. That doesn't make any sense. I need to be able to edit the list that my new tasks go in. Intuitively there should be a keyboard shortcut (like "d" and "s") to go to the list field, but there's not. So, next, it seems I should be able to hit "d" to get to the date field, then hit shift-tab to back up one field to the List field, but it skips over the list field to the task name field.

How should I reconcile what seems natural (keyboard shortcut to edit the list) to what RTM would like me to do?

As an aside, I've been a surface-user of RTM for a while now, but it seems the more I dig into RTM the more discouraged I'm getting. I'm not losing hope, but there are a few bumps I need to get smoothed out before I become a pro user, which I am really hoping to do.

Thanks for any help.
Posted at 6:12pm on November 12, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi russ.goerend,

Unfortunately this part isn't keyboardable currently -- to change the list, you'd need to select 'More Actions' and then choose the list you'd like to move to.

Hope this helps.
Posted 11 years ago
russ.goerend says:
Thanks for the response, Emily.

I've decided to just go with tags and smart lists. So now, instead of a list called "school" I have a tag of "school" and a smart list for "school".

Posted 11 years ago
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