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iGoogle Service Repeat Tasks showing in future days

chiieddy says:
I use the iGoogle Gadget and I've noticed some of my newer repeating tasks are showing multiple times.

For example:
Take medicine is due today and repeats daily.
It also shows for all future days.
Today's task is clickable (blue link) and I can mark it complete, postpone it, etc.
Future day listings are just plan text and can not be modified.

I believe the future day listing should not appear. Older repeating tasks do not have future day listings appearing.
Posted at 1:42pm on November 6, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi chiieddy,

Tasks that are scheduled to repeat in the future (e.g. an every day repeating task) will show on any days they'll occur on in the iGoogle gadget. However, as the future task hasn't actually been generated yet, only the current task is modifiable.

Hope this helps.
Posted 11 years ago
chiieddy says:
Interesting, because only newer tasks have this behavior. Tasks I created over a week ago show only on the day they're due until completed and don't generate subsequent tasks in the timeline.

I have two everyday repeating tasks.
1. Take my prescription medicines
2. Take my vitamins.

I started using RTM with just the first active and eventually added the second when I realized how well this daily to-do was working at reminding me to take my pills :)

Only the 2nd is showing for everyday in my Google gadget (with only the currently active task modifiable). The first only shows for today, and once I complete it, it shows for tomorrow.
Posted 11 years ago
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