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Feature request for Touch users - manually set current location

ssmi153 says:
Hi there, absolutely love the app. It blows Todo out of the water! One request on behalf of all those iPod Touch users out there is that if we don't have GPS or we have disabled the location services that when we click on the 'Near Me' tab, we can choose a location - even if it's only one of the locations we saved on RTM - to be our current location, and get the results based on that. I don't know the intricacies of the mapping service, so maybe this is far more difficult than it sounds, but on face value this is such an easy thing to implement and would bring a superb bit of functionality to those of us without GPS.

Posted at 10:43am on November 6, 2008
xynetha says:
Hi ssmi153. Just to be clear I understand, you're talking about when you select "More" and "Nearby"? Because you can retrieve tasks by locations. "Locations" is also available under the "More" options.
Posted 11 years ago
ssmi153 says:
Thanks xynetha. What I was talking about was the ability, when offline, to specify that you want to see all tasks within a 10km radius of a certain destination, based on their GPS coordinates and a wee bit of offline triangulation.

Apart from anything else, this would mean that the app didn't come with a tab that simply didn't work for a good half of it's users. (Stuff like that bugs me :)

I've tweaked my workflow to just use the preset locations and some mental triangulation and to be perfectly honest it works well enough that it's probably worth just dropping this request.

Posted 11 years ago
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