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keyboard not always switching from landscape back to portrait

alan.jones says:
Love the iPhone app, first class effort!

My only teeny-tiny pico-issue with it so far is sometimes the keyboard won't always switch back from landscape to portrait, leaving me with half a screen obscured by the keyboard vertically as the app switches but the keyboard doesn't.

Doesn't always seem to happen so i'll try and figure out what circumstances i need to replicate it.

Well done on a great app!
Posted at 11:50pm on November 5, 2008
ab (Remember The Milk) says:

If you could replicate this 100% that would be really useful, however it seems very strange to me, the keyboard is actually controlled by the OS itself, we actually have little to no control over it. If the UI is rotating the device is definitely receiving the notification to flip, so it is odd indeed.

Try rebooting your device for a clean start, if it keeps happening, it is likely a problem with our app, otherwise perhaps just a small glitch in the keyboard, this is the first report ever hehe.

Posted 11 years ago
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