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Thank you!!!

(closed account) says:
The iPhone App looks really good....looking forward to thoroughly test it out this week. Great job, all!
Posted at 2:33pm on November 5, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hey trevorwilliams99,

Thanks! :) Glad you like it!
Posted 11 years ago
jason.lemieux says:
Yes! Great job all around!
Posted 11 years ago
wallace.sheehan says:
I knew you guys wouldn't let me down. Thanks.
Posted 11 years ago
felix.lange says:
The App is amazing! Thank you very much!
Posted 11 years ago
chrisbx says:
I have been testing this app for some weeks... and I just want to say that it is a great app ! thank you very much to Bob ;-)
Posted 11 years ago
turtlebud says:
You made my day. As soon as I read the announcement, I upgraded to pro and downloaded the app. Been playing with it as I have time this morning and love it so far. I suspect your pro subscriptions are going to spike today.
Posted 11 years ago
mystwillow says:
Echoing the sentiments in this thread...I saw the blog post and immediately upgraded to pro. The app is amazing, totally worth the wait.
Posted 11 years ago
ssmi153 says:
Wow, this is great! Thankyou so much!
Posted 11 years ago
nicw says:
(does a little dance)

Go Timmy, Go Timmy, it's ya birthday (but we get the presents).....

Thanks! :) Looks good from the 5 mins I've used it so far.
Posted 11 years ago
dougal.phillips says:
My life is complete. Good work Emily and co.
Posted 11 years ago
beniam says:
Just wanted to reiterate the sentiments of the thread...Great work. It seems to have all the functionality I could have hoped for and is executed beautifully. About the only think I'm sad about is that i didn't get to be a beta tester! Could have saved $9.99 on the stop gap I bought before this came out.

Ben G.
Posted 11 years ago
gmonty says:
I love you
Posted 11 years ago
sixball says:
The big hole on my iPhone has been filled. Thanks, guys - you did it again!
Posted 11 years ago
richard.mackinnon says:
Love it!

Well done team. I upgraded to a Pro account just for this.

It works like a charm. Best app I've added to my iPhone since.... well, ever!
Posted 11 years ago
acepelon says:
Thank you for not rushing this. It is amazing. I much prefer this to any other RTM interface- which is saying quite a bit. This will guarantee my re-subscription to Pro next year.
Posted 11 years ago
ab (Remember The Milk) says:

Me too :) iPhone = RTM to me now, except when I come on these forums hehe. Maybe I should make a browse the RTM forum native app! :D
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
All I can say is... GREAT JOB MAN!! =)

Now everything in original RTM can do in my iPhone. No, The iPhone app does better experience because of GPS to spot nearby tasks automatically. Damn good.
Posted 11 years ago
scott.davies says:
excellent implementation..I'm glad you waited until it was rock solid
Posted 11 years ago
ckennedy says:
Posted 11 years ago
rathergood says:
Well done team. The wait was definitely worth it.
Posted 11 years ago
willw says:
I had an iPod Touch and was deciding to upgrade to either an iPhone or a Blackberry Bold. The promise of a Remember the Milk native app helped me choose the iPhone. Finally the choice has paid off! Thanks! Wonderfully done. Maybe another Apple Design Award in your future?
Posted 11 years ago
wgarth says:
RTM App moved the the Front Screen on my iPhone!!
Posted 11 years ago
jacksonhca says:
+1 Thank you!!
Posted 11 years ago
derickvaladao says:
+1 Thank you :)

RTM is in the bottom left of my dock right next to my email. I kicked the phone app out for you guys :).
Posted 11 years ago
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