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Google Calendar format

cpelliott says:
Originally I linked my Google Calendar to the iCalendar (events) link and my calendar showed my tasks on the due date. They were in the same format as an all-day event. That stopped working for me so I used the link on the help page that adds a calendar for you.

I'm not really fond of the new format (I know everyone has their opinions). There is just a checkmark at the top of each day. Just by looking at my calendar, I can't tell if I have a task due that day. At the very least, days with no tasks due should have a greyed out check. Or the check could have the number of tasks due that day next to it.

Anyone know if anything new is planned for Google Calendar support? Or maybe there is a better way for me to set this up.
Posted at 6:30pm on November 4, 2008
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