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RTM and Gmail on a shared computer

lousmusings says:
I share computers at home and at work with others who also use Gmail but not RTM. When I log my account out of Gmail so others can use it, my RTM remains. It seems I have to launch the main RTM program to log out of it, kind of a pain. And even if I log out of RTM an empty RTM dialog box remains on the next person's Gmail.

Any suggestions?
Posted at 2:07pm on October 25, 2008
greg.prospero says:
I'm having the same problem on a shared computer.

If I log out of gmail, then somebody else logs in, they'll have access to my task list. Thankfully my task list doesn't include "steal roommates food".

Seriously though... logging in/out is now a two step process.
Posted 12 years ago
lousmusings says:
Well, at least I've now discovered that you can log out of RTM without launching the main program. It's under "options" in the Gmail RTM task window. But my wish list would include an option to automatically log out of RTM when you leave Gmail leaving no residual RTM dialog box.
Posted 12 years ago
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