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adding tags and locations as you type in

marc.garcia.marti says:

anyway I can add locations and tags while I'm typing on the Task window of the Gmail RTM extension? I hate having all my tasks in my inbox if I can get them "parsed" as I type likewise date gets parsed.


Posted at 6:04pm on October 22, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Marc,

It's possible to include tags as well as the task name:

Finish report, tag with work

Unfortunately it's not possible to specify locations or other properties (only task name, tags, and due date are supported at this time).

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
russ.goerend says:
"tag with work" ..... that seems a little like overkill doesn't it?

why can't i type

finish report, t:work

also, how do i put a priority when adding a task. i seem to be doing way too much (imho) clicking around *after* adding a task to get all the necessary info in place.
Posted 11 years ago
russ.goerend says:
i must be misunderstanding something. into the "new task" space, i just typed

4th and 5th grade homework, tag with copy

that most definitely did not tag "4th and 5th grade homework" with copy. it just put "4th and 5th grade homework, tag with copy" as the task name.

so, how do i tag a task while typing it in? this is a pretty fundamental function as it saves me from clicking around.
Posted 11 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Ah, that looks like a bug -- it seems to be tripping up on "4th" and "5th" and thinking that they're part of due dates. I've added this to our list to fix.
Posted 11 years ago
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