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outlook 2007 don't update iCal feed from RTM task list

(closed account) says:
I am new to RTM, and Outlooks as well.

Outlook is trial, I want to make sure it will do what I need before buying it.

I did create internet calendars using iCalendar (events) url from my task lists.
and managed to get the calendars to sync with my iPhone.
so far I am happy.

Problem I am having is since after I did set it up, the internet calendars based on RTM feeds never got updated and it is a few days now.

I did look forth and back over the internet and my last hope is to get help here.

please, any input welcomed.
Posted at 2:50am on October 21, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi himmkx,

I'm unfortunately not that familiar with Outlook's iCalendar features, but do you know if there's an option to change how often it refreshes the iCalendar feed?
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
hello Emily,
thanks for the response,
I did look all around the web, and apparently outlook 2007 should do the obvious... refresh its online calendars as soon as the feeds changes...
but it doesn't.
I did spend time playing with date and time settings without any result.

I found out that I can:
1) manually update by click on the iCalendar feed on RTM as it will resubscribe in outlook2007.
2) manually drag and drop the internet calendars under the main calendar (first deleting older ones if any)
3) manulally (cable connection/run iTunes) update/create calendars in iPhone when syncing using iTunes..
4) automatically update google Calendar using google calendar sync.

not my dream's workflow for sure

I am wondering if my desire of getting my task lists integrated with my calendar/schedule is a old school view on how to be organized... like folders vs naming convention and labels

I would like to have a look at my calendar/schedule and see where I can fit business appointments or mundane events considering not only other typical calendar events, but also tasks I scheduled to get projects accomplished.
Mostly I would like to be able to do that from my phone when not in the office.

and possible without using any more 3rdy part services or websites that require me to share my account name and password.
Posted 11 years ago
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