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Text Message Daily Reminder is Truncated

centeruniverse says:
I've got my account set up to text me a reminder for my tasks every morning. This works great, as long as the total length of the message from RTM (including the "These X tasks are due today:" - 28 char) is less than the SMS 160 character limit. If, on the other hand, I have more than a couple tasks due on that day (or if one of them has a really long title), I can just forget about getting anything after 160 characters.

Is there a setting I'm missing? Why isn't the reminder batched into multiple messages?
Posted at 8:33am on October 20, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi centeruniverse,

Most mobile providers auto-split long messages into multiple SMS's -- would it be possible to let me know which mobile provider you're using?

Posted 11 years ago
centeruniverse says:
I'm using Sprint, with a Moto Q9c.

I've seen messages >160 characters from other people be split up into multiple messages, which is why I was confused that this wasn't happening for RTM.
Posted 11 years ago
djwess says:
I am on Rogers, and while long messages are split from others they are simply truncated on the daily reminder SMS.
Posted 11 years ago
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