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Terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy

serrenity says:
Heya - sorry if this is a duplicate post; I couldn't find one anywhere.

I would like to personally use this ... but for my business tasks (I'm a project manager, and RTM is a godsend), and I will be the only one using it, however it does says for personal use only. The privacy policy doesn't seem like you'd be using any of the tasks in anyway (i work for a computer with a lot of IP), so I think we are safe there.

I've submitted the ToU and the Privacy Policy to my legal department to get approval for me to use this, but I thought I would ask on your side as well if you see any issue with this. Again, this is purely for my use, but part of that use for task management at my place of employ. This might seem like a no-brainer, but I would prefer to ask and be 100% sure rather than only be 90% sure and have the 10% come back and haunt me.
Posted at 10:12pm on October 16, 2008
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