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Strange Problem

stephan.lamprecht says:

some weeks ago i added two task with the program tasque. These two Tasks are not available anymore in tasque nor in webview of rtm. Even if i search for them with their tags they cant be seen. Now the strange effect. they only availabe if i look at my printable weekoverview. How can i delete them there?

Or better: what happened there?

Posted at 12:23pm on October 12, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Stephan,

I think this may be an issue where an application that uses our API is adding a task to a Smart List (it's not possible for a task to only live in a Smart List; it has to belong to a regular list too).

Would it be possible to contact us with details on the two tasks that are missing?

We can check this out.

Posted 11 years ago
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