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Can't seem to have a due date next Sunday

malvim says:

It's Saturday here in Brazil, and I'm trying to set a task for tomorrow. No matter WHAT I do, I can't set the due date for this Sunday. I tried it yesterday as well, and it always falls back to Saturday.

I've tried using "sunday", "tomorrow", "1 day from today", "next sunday", "12/10/2008" (we use dd/mm/yyyy here), "12 oct 08", and ALL of these went back to today, which is weird. Yesterday, I had all of these (of course using "2 days" instead of "1 day") as well, and nothing.

I've tried "8 days from today", though, and it did set the due date to Sunday, 19/10/2008, which means I can set stuff to the other sunday, but not to next one.

Any idea what might be happening?

Thanks for the help, and keep up the good work!

Posted at 9:54pm on October 11, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Marcelo,

Would it be possible to double check to make sure that your timezone setting in RTM matches your system timezone on any computers where you use the site? It's also important to check the location of the timezone to make sure that they match.

Posted 12 years ago
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