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Repeating a task daily, which is due each day

rorygtd says:
I'm a bit of an RTM newbie. I'm just trying to set it up so that I have a reminder for various portions of my exercise routine each day. It's easy enough to set it up to repeat each day, however, what I want it to do is to have it be due each day as well - that is, when I look at my Weekly Planner, it says, "You have 50 crunches and 50 sit ups scheduled for this morning".

This must be pretty simple. I've tried typing in 'Today' and it sets the task as due for 'Today', but it doesn't repeat that code for every day of the week. It just assumes the task repeats every day, but that I only HAVE to do it today, or something.
Posted at 11:17am on October 10, 2008
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You will only see the next instance of a repeating task. If you miss it and it repeats EVERY day, you will have two tasks the next day, the overdue and the new instance. Should you chose to repeat AFTER one day you will only see one task, underlined as it gets overdue (should that ever happen ;-)

If you want to see a daily reminder for each day in a week you need to add 7 tasks, each repeating weekly, one on Mondays, one on Tuesdays etc.
Posted 11 years ago
rorygtd says:
Bam, got it working. Thank you.
Posted 11 years ago
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