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firefox for Mac OS X + RTM for Gmail

pispirita says:
i have a pc at work and tun RTM from my gmail acct (that syncs to my bb all the tasks even the ones from my outlook, so in theory everything should be there!) small detail, my home laptop is a mac.
i downloaded Firefox for mac (since i can't deal with the whole widget / dashboard thing) and even though I'm signed in on the website, i see the task window and it reads
"You're not currently logged into Remember The Milk. You must login to enable this feature."

Posted at 11:47pm on October 4, 2008
cosmicvoyager says:
Same here. If I click the "login" link, it opens a window for RTM login, but once I enter my username & password, that window immediately closes. This happens even if I already am logged in to RTM on another window.

I've tried disabling all the options in Better Gmail, but that didn't help.
Posted 12 years ago
cosmicvoyager says:
I think the problem has to do with adblocking and/or third-party cookies. See
Posted 12 years ago
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