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Can I be reminded every 12 hours?

rednukleus says:
I am taking an antibiotic every 12 hours and want to receive a text message reminder each time. It seems like I can't make a task repeat any more often than once a day, so I had to make 1 task for the morning and a second for the evening. Is this the only way? Setting all reminders to occur 12 hours before before the task is due would not work.
Posted at 11:11am on September 18, 2008
rednukleus says:
(by "would not work," I mean I don't want to.)
Posted 12 years ago
mel.lightbody says:
Can't you just set up two daily repeating reminders? One for the AM at a certain time and one for PM at a certain time? I've done similar but not exactly the same.
Posted 12 years ago
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