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MilkSync Pro for BB - creates duplicate tasks

rdecast says:
Whenever I go through a Blackberry update which requires that all data be backed up, and then put back on, MilkSync thinks that it's a new install.

So, when i go to Sync again, it pretty much doubles every single active task.

Is there any way around this?
Posted at 8:08pm on September 17, 2008
arvid says:
Hi rdecast,

best way is to do a Reset Sync which will clear all data and put everything back as it was before;

Open MilkSync by selecting the MilkSync icon on the Applications screen.
Press the menu key to open the menu, and choose Options.
On the Options screen, press the menu key to open the menu, and choose Reset Sync.

Posted 12 years ago
rdecast says:
perfect. i'll try to remember that for next time.

Posted 12 years ago
dshackleford says:

My BlackBerry isn't synching with RTM. I recently loaded Blackberry OS 4.5 on my BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and this may have been the point at which it stopped working, but I am not certain that's the exact time. I have done a "Reset Sync" and now I have nothing in my BlackBerry tasks. Ive tried synching from RTM to BB only. Milksync says nothing has changed, but I still don't have anything in my BB and all the tasks are still in RTM. I've reloaded Milksync on the BB and it still doesn't synch. It continues to say Nothing changed.

What should I try next?

Posted 12 years ago
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