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Private address for "all lists" ical url?

(closed account) says:
I'd like to use the "all lists" ical feed for Google Calendar. Is it possible to generate a private URL so that Google can import it?
Posted at 4:14am on August 27, 2008
arvid says:
Hi marmotmaster,

at settings>info you will find the WebCal links to the All Lists, this link you can use to import into Google Calendar.

You can also build your own Smartlist and create a feed from that. This feed will then only contain the tasks you would like to have show up.

Let me know whether this helped you,

Posted 10 years ago
dayures says:
it is that feature working now? For me seems no
Posted 10 years ago
sayreblades says:
I also cannot get the (All Lists iCal) feature to work.
Posted 10 years ago
fung says:
Same here, only individual lists work for me.
Posted 10 years ago
dayures says:
for me, even not working for individual lists :-(
Posted 10 years ago
zhzexi says:
iCalendar Events Service (All Lists): this one works. the other one does not i think.
Posted 10 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
For iCalendar subscription issues, I'd recommend reporting this to Google Calendar so that they're aware there's an issue with your Calendar account. You can contact them directly or via their Google Group.

Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do on our end if Google Calendar isn't updating the iCalendar subscriptions properly, sorry. :(
Posted 10 years ago
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