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windows mobile sync does not work!!!

qq67 says:
i deleted all may tasks from rtm bec was a complete mess. after this i tried to sync windows mobile to rtm but nothing transfered to rtm.
Posted at 3:50pm on August 13, 2008
qq67 says:
i already paid for pro ....why??? i just want backup my windows mobile tasks online. is that a big request??? i spend the last two weeks to explorer this service without any luck
Posted 12 years ago
arvid says:

I assume you use MilkSync for Windows Mobile?

Be very careful deleting tasks. Please remember that if you delete tasks on your device and then synchronize with Remember The Milk, the tasks you deleted on your device will also be permanently deleted from your RTM account (and vice versa).

Remember The Milk does not support the following task properties, so they will not synchronize if changed on your device: status, start date, sensitivity, and alarm. Windows Mobile does not support the following task properties, so they will not appear on your device when syncing with RTM: tags, time estimate, location, URL, and sharing information. In addition, Windows Mobile does not support filtering by Smart List.

First, check to make sure that your device can reach the Remember The Milk website by visiting with your mobile browser. If you cannot reach the website, please check your Internet connection. If you continue to experience problems, make sure that you do not need to use a proxy to connect to the Internet (MilkSync does not currently support proxies). It may also help to do a soft reset of your device, as this can sometimes fix connection issues.


Posted 12 years ago
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