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Desktop icon / shortcut

jmkizer says:
At some point I was asked to download a shortcut to my OS X desktop. I agreed on one machine and did not download it on my other machine. I would like to get it on my second machine but I don't know where download it. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks again!
Posted at 12:20am on August 12, 2008
arvid says:
Hi jmkizer,

this will be installed as soon as you activate Google Gears. Make sure the browser on your other PC also has this activated. Upon the first visit of RTM then, the application will ask you to add the shortcuts.

Let me know whether this has helped,

Posted 12 years ago
monkeymartin says:
I said no the first time. I would like to change my my answer. How do I do this.
Posted 12 years ago
arvid says:
Hi monkeymartin,

deactivate Google Gears and activate it again. (you can also remove the RTM option in Google Gears) and visit the RTM website. Then on the top, you can add it again.


Posted 12 years ago
daniel.mauser says:
Hi Arvid,

I have uninstalled Google Gears and RTM Gears and the desktop icon preference does not show up for me. At one point I remember I asked never to show again, but I would like to install it again. I cleared the cache and cookies but nothing shows up. Any ideas?
Posted 12 years ago
treecarr says:
i have the same problem
Posted 12 years ago
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