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RTM for Gmail won't install on my computer

dana.stevens says:
All I get is a "console error " message over and over, though I followed all the installation instructions to the letter (clicking Edit Options, "Allow," etc.) I am already sorry I downloaded this program -- instead of making my life easier it's immediately become more piece of crap to deal with. Anyone else have this problem and figure it out quickly? Thanks.
Posted at 7:46pm on August 7, 2008
dan.bossler says:
RTM for Gmail, seems to install for me, but I dont see the task pane. There is no "Task" under "Settings" either.

I have FF 3.0.1 & running Ubuntu Hardy Heron.
I have the new version of Gmail and set to US English.

I have restarted FF and clear private data (several times)
I have disabled Greasemonky (and re-enabled Greasemonkey)
Still no joy.
Posted 10 years ago
ricky.maveety says:
It's working beautifully for me. I'm running FF 3 on Windows XP and the newest version of Gmail. I just installed it a few minutes ago.
Posted 10 years ago
arvid says:
Hi Dana,

sorry to hear that it is not working for you. Check that you're using Gmail in US English. Unfortunately RTM is not able to support the non-US English versions of Gmail at this time.

The Error Console is a tool available in most Mozilla-based applications that is used for reporting errors in the application chrome and in web pages user opens. It reports JavaScript-related errors and warnings, CSS errors and arbitrary messages from chrome code.

Can you let me know the message that is displayed in this console?


Posted 10 years ago
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