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How can i sync my tasks?

aoli says:

I've free account and when i get to Preferenses->Sync tab i see this advertisement:
MilkSync is a super cool way to synchronize your Remember The Milk tasks with other software and devices. It's currently available for: BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

But not sync options as mentioned on help page:
Synchronizing tasks section, point 4.

Furthermore i downloaded trial MilkSync and it asks me for the servername, username and password.
i entered servername:
username: my rtm username
passowrd: my rtm password

and MilkSynk told me that there is an error and i should contact tech support.

Can anybody help?
Posted at 7:43pm on August 6, 2008
apgordon says:
This is pretty old, so it might already be resolved. I can't help you with the sync part, but I can help you by bringing this back up to the top so new people see this and maybe can help. Did you contact tech support, as you mentioned in your post?
Posted 11 years ago
arvid says:
Hi Aoli,

This feature is available exclusively for Pro users. You can try it free for 15 days without a Pro account (your trial begins the first time you synchronize with MilkSync). After the trial, you can upgrade to Pro to continue using MilkSync.

When was the first time your tried to use MilkSync?

Note: You should take advantage of the trial to make sure that MilkSync works with your device and connection, as Pro accounts are non-refundable.


Posted 11 years ago
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