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Twitter Help: Receiving 2 SMS Messages From RTM

tsweet says:
When I send a command to RTM via Twitter on my phone I receive two messages in response. For example, when I send "d rtm !gl errands" I get a SMS with the correct list, but I also receive a 2nd SMS with the text "d rtm hi." The 1st is prefaced with a "1/2:", and the 2nd is prefaced with "2/2:" which seems to imply that this is an intentional 2-part SMS. Confused...

Is this standard, or do I perhaps have a notification setting at Twitter or RTM set incorrectly?
Posted at 5:43pm on November 21, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
tsweet, I think the "d rtm hi." message is Twitter's instruction on how to direct message the person who you've just received a message from... but I'm not sure why it would keep sending it (particularly as the direct message you received was in response to one you sent!). It might be worth letting the Twitter folks know if you continue to receive it -- I'm not sure if they have a setting anywhere for this.
Posted 16 years ago
tsweet says:
Thanks for the response. I actually figured out why, and am a bit embarrassed by the answer. The list I was asking for was a bit long and so the SMS sent by RTM via Twitter had more characters (text) than those allowed by my carrier, so it split the contents up into multiple messages.

Posted 16 years ago
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