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twitter sms dividing up tasks into lots of messages

baritoneuk says:
I have a UK Orange phone which doesn't yet seem to be supported in RTM's mobile settings page. I hope that it will be supported in future. But for the time being I am using Twitter. I have rtm sending me todays tasks each morning at 730am by twitter and it breaks up the message sometimes into 15 sections. I know that twitter can't cope with more that 140 characters but I know that sms can combine lots of messages together as one message. Is there a setting in Twitter or rtm that could make these 14 messages into 1 big message?
Posted at 9:28am on November 21, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
baritoneuk, we're sending the reminder as one message to Twitter -- I'm not sure if there's an option in Twitter to send it via SMS as one message, but it might even be your mobile provider that breaks it up into sections when it receives it. The Twitter folks might be able to answer this one -- sorry I can't be of more help!
Posted 16 years ago
baritoneuk says:
Thanks, Emily. I wasn't sure whether this was rtm or Twitter that was dividing the message up.
Posted 16 years ago
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