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Is it possible to search for duplicates?

helill says:
I'm having a hard time with recurring tasks, if I postpone or change due date one of those tasks, often they get duplicated in the future. So, title - Is it possible to search for duplicates, to edit them?
Posted at 6:08pm on April 7, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi helill,
It's not possible to search for duplicates as such. In this case, these tasks are treated as separate instances.

Two things may help: first, to answer your question, I'd suggest searching for isRepeating:true to find repeating tasks, then sort by name so you can see your tasks in order. For any "every X" repeating task you should have the current task and possibly the next task (which is generated when the current due date/time is reached), so keep that in mind as you look through the dates.

A little tangential but it may help: you can use the repeat "after X" to only generate the next task after the current one is completed. This may help if you don't want duplicates to stack up.

You can see more examples of the differences between these repeats in our help page.

I hope this helps, one way or another! 💙
Posted 10 weeks ago
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