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New versions - changelog?

richard.masters says:
When I logged in this morning (Windows / Chrome) RTM prompted me to install a new version. I did that, but I cannot find a changelog anywhere?
Posted at 11:20am on July 28, 2023
coasterguy53433 says:
I'm curious about this too.
Posted 9 months ago
mirthless29 says:
I think nowadays we are having minor changes in the backend, solving bugs and improving UX. Good thing!!!!

But it seems AI things are coming in searching...
Posted 9 months ago
steve23606 says:
New version is probably bugfixes. Highly unlikely to be any new features as development work appears to have all but ceased.
Posted 9 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi y'all!

Generally we don't share specifics for bug fixes and minor changes, but we are regularly making those kinds of changes!

This version features an AI search that we will have more about on the blog, just waiting for that to be published! We welcome any feedback about this!

I'll share a blurb here for now though since it's not posted yet. The rest of my message will be the blog post text:

Searching is very powerful in Remember The Milk: you can filter specific sets of your tasks and can use those searches to save those filters as Smart Lists.

However, generating them can be a little tricky: the more complicated the search the more parentheses and advanced search operators you may need.

Now, instead of coming up with those searches yourself you can generate them in the app with natural language. For example, you can type:

tasks tagged with "work" or at the “Office” and if they repeat only show tasks due within a week

and it will generate:

(tag:work OR locationContains:Office) AND (isRepeating:true AND dueWithin:"1 week of today")

Note: no account data is processed with this, only your search query itself.

We think you will love using this for one-off searches or for coming up with a new Smart List you'll use all the time. 😄

Happy—we mean “Happier”—searching! 💙
Posted 9 months ago
richard.masters says:
Thanks for the update @andrewski - that looks to be quite an interesting development.

However, I have to ask: given the often-expressed unrest amongst some customers about perceived lack of development, why did you choose to implement "AI search" rather than, e.g., "Dependent tasks", the top request, with 7,695 votes?

I'm not trying to provoke with this question, it's a genuine desire to understand RTM's strategy / plans. Just when I think I might upgrade to Pro something like this occurs and I don't feel I can commit.
Posted 9 months ago
steve23606 says:
The blog hasn't been updated in 7 months so I won't hold my breath.
Posted 9 months ago
judykator says:
Exactly. Why development is not focused on the reported needs of users, but on what developers think. User needs must be met first.
Posted 9 months ago
pawelkaleta says:
I'm using RTM since 2018 and have to admit that there have been hardly no new features added since then, which are really useful on daily basis. Sure, one can say "MilkScripts have been introduced!" but... seriously? Also, looking at the Ideas section of the RTM Forum - they are not being introduced at all. The same for small inconsistency bugs I had reported over four years ago in Ideas section - still none of them was applied. I wonder why the Idea section even exists...
Posted 8 months ago
brockadler says:
Agree with the above, but... looked into my old todo system Toodledo and there's a similar conversation... only worse. Which is why I left them. RTM good enough for me for now. We know that bug fixes and updates to accommodate the millions of interfaces with the web is a never ending job - thanks.
Posted 6 months ago
pawelkaleta says:
Same here, I left Toodledo several years age right after it became abandonware (which seems to be the case until today). What I'm afraid of is that observing what is happening with RTM it's hard to not have flashbacks from Toodledo's agony. I'm not looking for fancy new features or UI changes - but some users' ideas on this forum are sometimes both great and not complicated to implement, or some basic bugs that could be fixed with few clicks probably - nothing happens though so RTM seems to start dying like Toodledo, or is already dead.
Posted 6 months ago
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