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smart list > help w/ query details

pskarbon says:

I am trying to modify this smart list query to include "not showing any tag titled "tools"... every version I come up with breaks the formula

dueWithin:"1 weeks of today" OR dueBefore:Today OR due:Today OR due:Never

Posted at 6:10pm on January 8, 2023
(closed account) says:
You can shorten what you have listed like this:
dueBefore:"8 days of today" OR due:Never

Then to exclude anything with the "tools" tag, add NOT tag:tools

dueBefore:"8 days of today" OR due:Never NOT tag:tools

Does that give you what you're looking for?
Posted 11 months ago
pskarbon says:
Thank you for replying geojono.

The "tools" tags still show up; however the first part of the equation worked with the dates and made the list look identical to mine (I love your version, much cleaner).
Posted 10 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
You may want to add parentheses to make sure it is parsed the way you want:

(dueBefore:"8 days of today" OR due:Never) AND NOT tag:tools

Thanks for sharing your idea, geojono! Keep me posted on what you find, pskarbon! 💙
Posted 10 months ago
pskarbon says:
Success, thank you both, the andrewski modification of geojono formula did what i wanted!
Posted 9 months ago
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