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Checking Off a Multiple Tag Item

harldane says:
Hello! I need to give my cat a pill two times a day. I created a task and tagged it with "morning" and "evening". However, when I swiped right on the task this morning after giving him his pill (and the checkmark showed up on the left side), the task seems to be gone instead of showing up in my "evening" Smart List. I checked on my iPhone and the website and it's not on either one for this evening.

I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong...can anyone advise?

Posted at 7:02pm on December 27, 2022
ranbarton Power Poster says:
A task is one item - the tags add context (or contexts) to that one item.

If you have a morning pill and an evening pill, you would want a daily recurring task for each dose.

If you had multiple tasks you wanted to perform each morning, you could create multiple tasks, and tag each of the, with the same morning tag, and then have a smart list that showed all tasks with a morning tag.

Does that help at all, I hope?
Posted 1 year ago
harldane says:
Yes, that helps, thank you! I'll just have to start creating duplicate tasks for items that occur multiple times a day.
Posted 1 year ago
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