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Tasks taking very long to update

sethkforslund says:
I use this on my phone and my desktop web browser. It seems that when I post a task on one device, it takes forever to update on the other device. It seems like it only starts to update like 5 minutes after I pull up the app on the opposite device.
Posted at 3:24pm on June 4, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi sethkforslund,
Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear that!

You can sync the mobile app manually by swiping down in any view (the left navigation bar, the task list, etc.). If you do that, does the app sync or do you get any errors? Is that what takes 5 minutes?

You can also reload the web app to sync that, and I'm curious if that takes a long time as well?

If this continues though, can you contact us to discuss specifics further? Keep us posted! 💙
Posted 2 years ago
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