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re-ordering lists on ipad / iphone

roelatmac says:
Hi. Isn't it possible to re-order lists on iPhone or iPad, like in the desktop app or in the web-version on desktop?
Posted at 2:16pm on February 11, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi roelatmac,
Thanks for getting in touch.

It's not possible to reorder the lists or other categories in the mobile apps currently, sorry, but the apps will keep track of what order you set in the web/desktop app. So you can make changes there and those will reflect in each app.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope this helps a bit! 💙
Posted 2 years ago
roelatmac says:
ok, thanks! don't need to wonder why I don't find that setting anymore then. are you planning to implement that?
Posted 2 years ago
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