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Postbox custom x-postbox-message:// url scheme not working

testie_nl says:
I''m using Postbox mail client (, which supports a unique URL to link to and open e-mail messages on my Mac with the "x-postbox-message://" url scheme.

When a task is added with x-postbox-message:// url scheme in the URL field, and you click the URL field, the Remember The Milk window becomes white/blank (as if loading) and stays that way. Needs to be quit and restarted.

Can you please support the local x-postbox-message:// url scheme, so I can reference an e-mail in my Tasks?
Posted at 8:18am on January 26, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi testie_nl,
Thanks for getting in touch. We appreciate your feedback!

I'll pass this along to the development team for review. You can also share this in our Ideas forum where others can vote on it as well. (This is not required though. Consider it requested either way!)
Posted 1 year ago
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