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Subtasks visible without due date of Parent task

(closed account) says:
For work/projects, I will have a parent task that requires numerous subtasks. However, if I create that parent task and regardless of a due date on the overall project, those subtasks do NOT show up on the task list for the week - it only shows a little number counter on the due date or the parent task. The subtasks are essentially hidden from view unless I manually select the parent task; they would pass their due date without my knowledge or if I neglect to check each of my parent tasks, which will be numerous.

I would like to see all parent & subtasks visible on the views for their actual dates and not hidden from view.

For example, if I have a parent task that is due a week from now, but a different subtask due each day up until then, my "This Week" view should have a subtask listed each day up until the parent task is finally listed a week from today:
Monday - subtask 1 due
Tuesday - subtask 2 due
1 week from today - parent task due

of course the subtask should also have some sort of indication of what parent task they are part of - e.g. "Parent Task - subtask 1"

Posted at 3:18pm on October 26, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi ekwohl610,
As you noticed the parent task and subtasks will not show in the same view. Your "This Week" example is interesting and I'll pass your message on to the development team for review. Thanks for your feedback!

In the meantime, I'd suggest using a later due date or even no due date for your parent task, and then use views that will help you see your subtasks as you expect and need.

I hope this helps a bit, but keep me posted on what you find!
Posted 1 year ago
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