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hide / archive lists and tasks

(closed account) says:
I am looking for a way to hide individual tasks that are incomplete. I don't want to see them for a while, in All tasks or anywhere else (sort of like "someday" tasks).

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that there is no way to hide or archive individual tasks that are incomplete.

I thought the only way to accomplish this would be to make a "Someday" list and archive or hide it.

It also seems like the hide list option is no longer available? The only way to "hide" lists would be to hide lists that with all completed tasks by choosing "show lists with incomplete"

So my only option, if my list has incomplete tasks, would be to make a list then Archive it?

Thanks in advance.
Posted at 3:53pm on October 6, 2021
(closed account) says:
You can archive Lists (though not Smart Lists as they don't actually house tasks, per se).

Hover over a list name in the left pane and click the dropdown arrow just to the right of the list name. One of those options is Archive List.

About not seeing tasks, creating Smart Lists is the best way to have RTM display only the tasks you want to see based on dates, lists, locations, tags, etc.

For example, you could create a Smart List that shows all tasks at your Office location that have already started (based on the Start Date) and are due today or overdue. Here's what that would look like:

location:Office AND startBefore:tomorrow AND dueBefore:tomorrow

If you want to also include tasks with no start date or no due date, you could do this:

location:Office AND (startBefore:tomorrow OR start:never) AND (dueBefore:tomorrow OR due:never)

You can expand from there is you want to narrow down that to a certain list or with certain tags, etc.

Then, if there's a task that you don't want to see for a while, remove the due date and set the start date for whatever date you next want to be reminded of that task.

Here's where you can find the advanced search parameters:

I hope this helps.
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:
Very helpful, thank you very much. I like the idea of setting a later start date, this way it will be a natural reminder to revisit some items. Will also check out the advanced search parameters, much appreciated!
Posted 2 years ago
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