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Using reply/forward emails to add tasks

raymond.owens says:

When replying to or forwarding an email that will require follow up on my part, I bcc the email to my rtm address so that it's added to my RTM inbox.

I typically insert a tag and start date into the body of the email so that they are organized automatically for me inside of RTM.

The problem I'm having is that RTM only recognizes this info if it's at the very top of the email. Including this text in the email means nothing to the recipient and looks a bit unprofessional so I really don't want it at the top.

I've tried inserting this at the bottom of the email but then RTM doesn't pick it up properly - the tag and start date assignments are viewed as notes by RTM and then I have to manually assign these fields in RTM.

Is there a way around this?
Posted at 10:56pm on September 6, 2021
raymond.owens says:
Think I've answered my own question. Inserting the following at the very end of the email seems to work and it's not as likely to be noticed. Using the three dashes is the key I suppose.

Tags: sally
Start: today
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi raymond.owens,
I'm glad to hear the three lines helps! If not, our only other recommendation is to send a message, then immediately go and forward that message to your Inbox address.

Keep me posted on what you find!
Posted 2 years ago
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