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len1234 says:
Please help. I am having problems with subheadings. I seem to accidentally add a task and it appears instead as a subheading. How do I move a subtask to a heading? Please help. Many thank you!
Posted at 6:00pm on August 10, 2021
(closed account) says:
Hi len1234. You can drag a subtask to a list to turn it into a main task. If you rest on the subtask (not click) you'll see the "handle" on the far left of the subtask (it's 3 vertical dots). Grab that handle and drag the subtask to the left to place it in the list on the left. Be sure you're not dropping it on top of another task or it will become that task's subtask.

If the list is full, it can be a little bit tricky, but I think the tasks in the list will kind of create a gap for you to drop the task in.

Another option is to delete the subtask and create it as a main task.

I hope this helps. I'm sure andrewski or one of the other admins can give you better step by step instructions.
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi len1234,
Honestly, geojono, I think you covered it! Aiming for the spot that opens up is the main tip when reordering tasks.

If you're not seeing that gap in a particular list or view though, you may want to double-check that view's sort setting.

If you have a subtask, you can drag it to the task list or to a different list in the left navigation bar to move it as a task.

Keep us posted!
Posted 2 years ago
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