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My Topics Forum Shows Me as the Topic Starter for All

(closed account) says:
The My Topics forum ( shows all the topics I've posted in. It's very nice to have that, but I noticed something odd in there. Whether I started them or just posted in a topic someone else started, all of the topics, say "Started by geojono".

Not a big deal, really; I just thought I'd point it out. I guess if I were trying to find something someone else started and that I had posted in, having the correct "started by" name would be helpful.
Posted at 2:21pm on June 29, 2021
(closed account) says:
Thanks for the fast work on this very minor issue. I went in this morning and this has been fixed.

You guys rock!
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi geojono,
I'm glad you noticed this already! I sat on it until it was fixed but you beat me to it. 😅

Thanks for reporting it!
Posted 2 years ago
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