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UI for repeating task after n weekdays broken

peter.smulders says:
When setting a repeat on a task to repeat, after completion, after n weekdays, this is (sort of) possible to enter manually and accept the suggestion. To wit: the way to express this is to say "after 4th monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday or friday".

I can see how that is flexible enough to deal with all kinds of interpretations of "work days" or "weekdays". Would be good to have it documented clearly, but ok.

When I try to use the "advanced" UI, however, this is not possible. I set 'after 5 days' and then change "days" to "weekday" (note that it doesn't even use the plural). At that point, my '5' changes to a '1' that can not be edited.

Whichever way you want to put this, I think this UI is broken. The easiest would be to remove the 'weekday' option because it obviously is problematic. More better, I would suggest reworking it to look like the "repeat weekly" set of options.
Posted at 1:50pm on April 7, 2021
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