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Integrate bulk adding in the web app

peter.smulders says:
I recently found this tool / site:

It is essentially a multi-line version of the add task field in the web app. Although the service works great and it is available for self-hosting, etc, the feature to have the add task field in the web site accept more than one line would be a great addition and open up a slew of additional integration options. (because an external tool would only have to output a set of lines).

i realise that you would have to think about protection against flooding, but the very same problem already exists for the API, so this is really just more of the same.
Posted at 1:41pm on April 7, 2021
peter.smulders says:
This should be an idea and not a "help" item. I did the legwork:
Posted 3 years ago
(closed account) says:
I love RTM tools like this, but does it do more than the option we already have to email tasks in bulk?
Posted 3 years ago
peter.smulders says:
Yes, it does. Bulk e-mailing is broken (or has never worked) for tasks that have more than about 50 characters because e-mail system wrap them around a line and RTM can't handle that.

50 chars is really not very much, with a deadline and one or two tags added, let alone URLs or anything more fancy.

Bulk add like I linked to handles lines as whole lines, regardless of wrapping around in the text input field. So i have spreadsheets that build up very long lines for tasks, with all kinds of smart meta data embedded. A quick copy & paste and I get two dozen of those pumped into RTM.
Posted 3 years ago
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