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Reference one task in another task

geojono says:
Is there a way to reference a task in another task?

I have a task that repeats annually starting this December, 2021. I want to create another task for prep work that needs to be done, but this task is a one-time task that doesn't need to be repeated year after year. I could make it a subtask of the repeating task, but I don't need the one-time task to also repeat. So, I'd like to reference the repeating task in the one-time task so I can simply go directly to it without searching.

If tasks had unique IDs, I could simply reference the ID, but referencing the task by name can be cumbersome if the task name is long.

Posted at 1:07pm on March 18, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi geojono,
You can copy the task URL from the web app to link in another task. You can click that from the URL or note to go to the task.

There are shortcomings there, just that the link doesn't work in all instances but it should work in most places.

Otherwise you may want to use tags to associate these tasks so you can click through to see them grouped together.

Hope this helps for you!
Posted 10 months ago
peter.smulders says:
Be aware that the URL you copy is always in the context of the current view. If you need a 'neutral' reference point, make sure you look at the task in the 'All Tasks' view and copy that url.
Posted 9 months ago
geojono says:
Got it. Thanks!
Posted 9 months ago
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