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After One Month Completed End of the Month

blindawson says:
I have a repeating task that recurs after one month. I last completed the task on January 30th and it next shows up on March 30th, after two months! I assume this is because there is no February 30th. Is that correct? Do I need to make sure my monthly tasks aren't completed on Jan. 29-31, Mar. 31, May 31, Aug. 31, or Oct. 31? That seems like a particularly nasty edge case that should be resolved.
Posted at 12:45am on March 4, 2021
geojono says:
That's a great question. I don't have an answer (I'll leave that to an admin), but you could change the repeat to "after 30 days".

Today, March 11, I created a test task and tried "after 1 month on the 28th day" and a due date on March 31, but that just caused the task to be due again on the next 28th day, with is March 28, still this month, no matter how many times I completed the task, so that didn't help.

I would love to know of a solution, so I'll be watching this.
Posted 8 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi blindawson,
You can use "last day of the month" to have your repeats carry over on the last day of the month, which would help with your tasks.

You can also use an "after" repeat like geojono mentioned, which would only generate a month after your current task is completed.

Hope this helps!
Posted 8 months ago
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