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Adding tasks through Twitter

(closed account) says:

I am just getting to grips with the whole twitter thing and I added a task to call someone from my mobile through Twitter to RTM. It lost some of the information along the way so I was just wondering if it was something I did wrong. The message to Twitter was 'd rtm Call bob Smith - 1234567890 or 0987654321 due Friday'. The task that was added to RTM was 'Call Bob Smith - 1234567890 or due'. The due date was calculated correctly but the word 'due' was left on the task. I can appreciate that the word 'due' is not needed so I can leave it off next time but I was wondering why the second phone number was lost after the word 'or'?

Many thanks
Posted at 4:47pm on August 3, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Lee, thanks for letting us know -- it looks like there was a problem handling this on our end. We'll check into this and see if we can get this fixed.
Posted 16 years ago
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