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Backdate a task?

johnmsch says:
I added a whole-house water filter to my house on Dec 19. The primary filter should be changed every 90 days. Unfortunately, I forgot to add this task on that date.
How do I now create a task that occurs every 90 days starting on Dec 19?
Posted at 8:52pm on March 1, 2021
azclaire says:
Nope. Set a non repeating task to the desired due date. Set a 90 day repeating task also set to the desired due date. On that day you'll complete both of them.
Posted 9 months ago
reidpr says:
If it were me, I'd just set the first task to March 19 (close enough to 90 days, though if it's important to you, you can compute exactly 90 days using

I don't think you need a first task for Dec. 19 since that was installation, not filter replacement. ;)
Posted 9 months ago
geojono says:
Maybe I'm missing a detail, but why can't you just create a task with a due date of Dec 19, 2020 and the repeat setting of "every 90 days"? Then complete the task. I just did this with a test task and the next due date is March 19.

You can set any date, past or future, as the due date.
Posted 8 months ago
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