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Repeat a project list

j3spirit says:
I am creating courses and would like a saved list of steps to reuse every time I create a course. Is there a way to do that without having to build the list every time?
Posted at 7:42pm on March 1, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi j3spirit,
If this is a repeating task, you could add subtasks and they would generate with the task each time.

However, if you want something that's less scheduled, you could use one of two tips for generating a list of tasks when you need them:

Creating template lists by duplicating tasks
Flexible packing lists for all types of trips

I hope these help for you! Keep me posted on what you find.
Posted 9 months ago
peter.smulders says:
The first suggestion works for sets of tasks that need to be manually timed or tweaked for every time you start a new (let's call it) project.

The second relies on the email import service, which is severely handicapped by the maximum line length that e-mail services dictate: RTM's importer is very blunt and processes one line at a time, but a task with a bit of extra info and (especially) a URL will easily go over 60 characters. Officially, the cut-off is 70, but I found that stuff already breaks below that number.

@RTM dev team: an additional character to indicate multilines and/or explicit 'end of task' would make this feature 100 times more useful than it is today.
Posted 8 months ago
peter.smulders says:
I have long struggled with this same issue. In short: based on a limited set of data (say, the name of a course, when people can start registering, one or two deadlines for registration, some info blurb about the course, whatever) to produce an exhaustive set of tasks with very rich metadata (added notes, carefully crafted URLs, just right start and end dates, etc).

I developed several chicken wire / chewing gum contraptions for this purpose. My latest find has been RTM Bulk adder ( This will take a bunch of tasks pasted at once. The tasks I create with (essentially) Excel sheets that take all kinds of data and build up strings in one cell.
Posted 8 months ago
peter.smulders says:
I upgraded my comments above to an idea suggestion:
Posted 8 months ago
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