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Multi-Select vs. Single-Select

sfcurley says:
I just noticed something today: if I click on the checkbox in front of a task, it uses multi-select mode. So, in that case, checkbox task 1, checkbox task 2 will select both tasks. However, if I click on the NAME of the task in the task list, rather than the checkbox in front of it, it's single-task select mode!! This is great!

Is this a documented feature? If not, it should be! I scoured the forum trying to figure out how to do avoid multi-select mode, which was causing some issues for me, but did not see anything.

In any case, it's a really subtle, but nice, feature.
Posted at 4:01pm on February 24, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi sfcurley,
Yes, that's exactly as intended: you can select a task with the name to unselect others, and use the checkboxes to select multiple tasks.

We have this documented on this page about selecting tasks.

Let us know if we can ever help with anything else!
Posted 9 months ago
sfcurley says:
Thank you, Andrewski. Game changer!
Posted 9 months ago
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