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Android Tags Dialog

towies says:
At create or edit a task, when I press on Tag field for adding my tags, it opens a "dialog" where appears all my tags. I have a lot of them so scroll down/up, searching the ones you want to add is not nice UX. I miss a top field box where I can type anything and makes the search or give me the option to create a new one (like in the webapp).

I think it will be very helpful, usually an user will have a lot of tags ,and as I said, scroll up/down is a hell for the user to find which one he/she wants to add.

Hope this can comes early than late.

Thank you,
Posted at 7:23am on December 6, 2020
towies says:
Any thoughts or review about that? Iwould say is so useful.
Posted 11 months ago
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