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Task disappearing

daneln says:
I've been using RTM for a few months only, to try to replace another tool I had developed myself - and overall it's really good.

But several times, I faces a very bothering bug: some tasks disappeared. I am 100% sure that I didn't accidentally delete them.
From what I noticed, the tasks were recurrent tasks (every 2 weeks, 30th of each month).
I couldn't find them in the search, in the completed tasks, in the bin...

May it be that when we delete completed tasks that are recurrent and then empty the trash, there's a bug?
Important: when deleting the task, I choose to continue the repetition of the tasks.

It's annoying, as I will not be able to trust RTM with such a bug...

Posted at 11:02am on November 5, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Nicolas,
Thanks for getting in touch and reporting this! We will be happy to help figure out what's going on here.

It may help to check your Trash and to search to see if this task can be found. (We have some more steps/details on our site to help track down a missing task.)

If you want some more help or can't find this task, feel free to contact us by email anytime! We'd love to help further.
Posted 10 months ago
daneln says:
Thanks for answering, I thought I would received a notification by mail :)
I did check in my trash and other suggestions, but I couldn't find my tasks.
Actually, as these are recurrent tasks, one occurrence of the task may be in the bin, whereas the next generated occurrence still is in my todo list.
May it be that when I empty the trash with previously completed occurrences, the future occurrences are deleted as well?
Actually, as I don't really know when/how they disappear, I can't think about something else than checking on your side if there may be bugs with recurrent tasks completion/deletion (until I can reproduce the issue?).
Thanks for your help!
Posted 10 months ago
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